About Grace Notes

My Grace Notes are my writings as I reflect on my journey with Jesus in the beauty and brokenness of life. My intention is to wrap the words in God's truths about who we are and who we are created to be within the transparency of my stories. Here I aim to seek His voice above the chaos of my mind. 

May you be built up by the words of the King. May you find your worth at the foot of the cross. May you be transformed by Him.

About Alexa Joy


Through my walk with the Lord I've learned that things get messy and still God is rich in His mercy and continues to overwhelm us with His grace.

So, this is where my story begins at the intersection of mistakes and grace. Struggle and sovereignty. Breakdowns and blessings.

 And this is where He found me. I had made a mistake, the kind that disrupts how you see yourself and that has the power to hurt those you love. It was after this when I heard God's call to seek Him so clearly. Because God abides in the intersections; in the mistakes and the missteps. This is where He presents himself over and over again.

Now, I am trying to live a life that cultivates beauty and joy and is grounded in God's truth and principles.

 My hope is to inspire and encourage women to love God to the fullest, and find their worth and identity in Him.