My Favorite Things 

Like any woman, or more specifically Oprah- I think it's important to keep track of my favorite things. Things that bring me joy or comfort. Things that are beautiful or awe inspiring. A collection of my go-to's and my everyday items. 

Here are some of my favorite things: Beyonce is my hero and I am still a Grey's Anatomy fan. I believe fresh flowers can solve any dilemma. I love to shop at small boutiques and think that the perfect lip color can change an outfit (in the best way possible.) I believe in books, baths and beautiful things.  Friendship keeps me grounded and my family is my strength. 

 Below are some of my favorite stores and services in the Fort Collins area as well as the photographers I use for my website. 



All the photography done in the My Grace Notes is done by some of my favorite people. People who have an eye for things that delight, inspire and challenge us into stories. I encourage you to follow their work on Instagram and VSCO to see their full portfolio. 

All my portraits were done by the beautiful Rachel Proctor, check her photos out here  

Featured photography on the blog are done by Roberta Casnellie, click here to check out her photos

Featured photography on the blog are done by Mac Zafarana, check his photo's out here  

Featured photography on  the blog are also done by TJ Zafarana, check his photo's out here


My great hair days are always provided by one of my best friends and most talented stylists, Meghan Daniel. She knows color, cuts and style like no one's business. What I love most about Meghan is that she wants her clients to feel and look their very own best. 

If you are in the Fort Collins area, check her out at Salon de Chelle.